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iOS - How to Update GPS Coordinates

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iOS - Updating GPS Coordinates
GPS Coordinates on assets can be manually edited, or automatically set depending on the scenario.

Manual Update

To manually set GPS Coordinates, do the following:
  • Edit an Asset
  • Long tap on the GPS Coordinates field (long tap on the caption, not the textbox)
  • The app pops up a menu
  • Tap on Get Current Coordinates

Automatic Update

GPS Coordinates are silently updated on Assets when you:
  • Scan a chip and a matching asset is found (only when the option Update GPS on Chip Scan is turned on)
  • Fill a Form (and Save)
  • Perform a Change Location and actually select a different Location
Note that if you just Edit an Asset and change the location, the GPS Coordinates won't automatically update. If you want to change GPS Coordinates, this falls into the scenario of manual update.



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