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TESSALink Online - Actions (Bulk)

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ESSALink Online - Actions (Bulk)


How to perform Actions on Asset(s)

  1. Log into TESSALink

    1. Ensure you have more than Basic User permissions.

  1. You should land on the Assets page, if not, click on “Assets” in the Main menu


  1. Along the top right of the screen you’ll see some buttons, including the Actions button


  1. To use the Actions button, you must first have selected one or more Asset(s) using the checkboxes in the grid


  1. Now you will see options in the Actions menu


  1. The options available are as follows:


Asset Properties:

    1. Edit Asset Details:

      1. This  allows you to Edit the Status, Latitude and Longitude, In-Service date and Expiry Date

    2. Edit Category:

      1. This allows you to Edit the Category, Model, Part# and Description of the selected asset(s).

    3. Move:

      1. This allows you to change the Location of the selected asset(s).

      2. NOTE: All the Assets selected must belong to the same Owner in order to use this function.

    4. Delete Assets:

      1. This allows you to Delete the selected asset(s)

    5. Transfer:

      1. This allows you to Transfer the selected asset(s)  (Change Owner and Location)

    1. Add Attachments:

      1. This allows you to Add Attachments to the selected asset(s)

    2. Assign Managed Documents:

      1. This allows you to Assign Managed Documents to the selected asset(s)



    1. UTI

      1. This allows you to record a UTI (Unable to inspect record) for the selected asset(s)

    2. Click & Pass

      1. This allows you to select a form and record a Pass Completed Form for all selected asset(s)

    3. Scrap

      1. This allows you to record a Scrap form on all selected asset(s) this will also set the status of all selected asset(s) to Scrapped

    4. Print Last Completed Form

      1. This option will generate a report that combines the last completed form from each selected asset(s) into one report.



    1. Product Reorder:

      1. This allows the user to request a Reorder of the selected asset(s)




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