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TESSALink Mobile - Actions (Bulk)

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TESSALink Mobile- Actions (Bulk)


How to perform Actions, in Bulk, on the mobile app

  1. Log into the TESSALink Mobile app

    1. You can Login from Server or if you have Set a PIN, you can select your username and enter the PIN


Once you are logged in you will see the Asset Screen

    Selecting Assets in Bulk                       Bulk Actions Menu



Bulk Actions:

  • Delete -  Allows you to Delete selected asset(s)

  • Move - Allows you to Move assets from one Location to another

    • NOTE: The selected assets MUST belong to the same owner for this action to work.

  • Transfer -  Allows you to Transfer selected asset(s)

    • Allows changing Owner and Location

  • UTI-  Allows you to record a UTI (Unable To Inspect Record) for the selected asset(s)

  • Click & Pass-  This allows you to select a form and record a Pass Completed Form for all selected asset(s)

  • Reorder - This allows the user to request a Reorder of the selected asset(s)

Scrap - This allows you to record a Scrap form on all selected asset(s) this will also set the status of all selected asset(s) to Scrapped

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