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IC Online - Options Page

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IC Online - Options Screen

Overview: Below find a list of available Options on the IC Online Options page as well as descriptions for their use.

Process: Navigate to the Options page in IC Online

      1. Login to IC Online

        ​ICO Login Page
      2. To access the Options page, use the Top Menu Bar and go to Admin/Maint -> Options
      Options Menu Item

      3. This will take you to the Options Page

     User-added image      

      4. Below is a list of available Options and their function(s)
  •      Dashboard Alerts
    • Overdue Work Orders - Will display a dashboard notification indicating overdue work orders in your system
    • Completed Op Forms with Alerts - Will display a dashboard notification indicating Completed Forms with Open Alerts in your system.
  • Asset Search Page
    • Hide Child Assets - This setting will Show/Hide Child assets from your asset search page results
    • Edit User Default Columns Displayed - This interface will allow you to select a custom set of columns to display for your asset search page results
  • Miscallaneous
    • Redirect to Asset Search Page on Login - The system will automatically take you to the asset search page upon logging in
    • Require Form Completion After Asset Create - The system will require the user to complete a form after creating an asset
    • Display Form Report After Form Completion - After completing a Form the system will display it's report immediately
  • Admin Only
    • Allow Users to Show All Operations Instead of Only Category Defaults - Enables a link on the Periodic Cert/Insp Tab of an Asset Detail that allows the user to load all certification forms or inspection forms for a given Category of asset, rather than being restricted to only the default forms available.
    • Edit Client Default Columns Displayed on Asset Search - This allows an administrator to choose account-wide custom columns to be displayed on the Asset search page. The user defined columns will override this setting.
     5. After setting all of your Options, click the Save button at top to Save and Apply your changes.

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