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IC Online - Multi Asset Create

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IC Online - Multi Asset Create
This article will guide you through the steps to perform a Multi-Asset Create in IC Online.

      1. From the Dashboard, click "New Asset" under the "Assets" tab.


      2. In New Asset, Click the "Multi-Asset Create" button.

Mulli Asset Create Button

      3. On the Multi-Asset Create screen you can input the following information that will pertain to all the assets in the Multi-Create:

  1. Add a description for the Assets
  2. Assign the assets to an EmployeeID
  3. Assign the assets to a Customer
  4. Assign the assets to a Location for the selected Customer
  5. Choose an asset Category
  6. Adjust the In-Service date and / or apply an expiry date for the new assets
  7. Assign GPS coordinates to the assets
Asset Create Screen

      4. Use the following steps to create multiple identical assets:

  1. You can assign a chipID for each asset you create
  2. Generate a unique Asset Number or add Asset Numbers manually
  3. Click "Add Asset" to add the asset to the table
  4. You can select assets to be removed from the list
  5. Check this box to create another asset after the current create
  6. Choose an operation to be performed after the assets are created
Asset Create Steps

At the bottom of the screen, you can fill asset Attributes, load a Prefill, set Periodic Inspection / Certification Status and dates, add Attachments, and assign Child Assets. If you need assistance with any of these fields please refer to the "Creating a Single Asset" article here.

Attributes and Tabs

      6. Once you have entered all the details for the Assets, click "Save" at the top of the page to add the Assets to the system.

Save Button
If you have any issues or concerns, please contact InfoChip Support via



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