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IC Online - Editing Assets

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IC Online - Editing an Asset
This article will cover the steps to Edit Assets in IC Online.

      1. From the Assets screen, Search/Filter for the asset you are wanting to Edit.


      2. Once you have found the Asset you want to Edit, click the Pencil Icon Next to the Asset to access the Edit Asset screen.

Pencil Icon
Once on the Edit screen, you can edit the following
  1. Change the Asset Number and/or Serial Number
  2. Edit the Description of the asset
  3. Assign the Asset to another Employee
  4. Change the Owner and/or location of the Asset
  5. Edit the In Service Date
  6. Add or Change the Expiry Date
  7. Change the Status of the Asset to Active, Out-Of-Service, Scrapped, or Deleted
  8. Add a new ChipID, Remove and existing ChipID or Generate a Unique ChipID
  9. Add or Edit the GPS Coordinates of the Asset
Edit Asset
      4. Once you have finished Editing the Asset Details, remember to click save to apply the changes to the asset.
Save Button
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