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IC Online - Dashboard

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IC Online - Dashboard
This article will outline how to effectively utilize the IC Online Dashboard.

      1. Once you have logged into IC Online, you will be brought to the Dashboard where you can perform the following actions:
  1. The Urgent Messages section provides links to view assets that are Past Expired, Overdue for Inspection, or Overdue for Certification. You can also view Completed Ops Forms with outstanding alerts.
  2. The News section is where you will find information relating to Upcoming System Maintenance, Performance Updates, New Functionality etc.
  3. You can use the Quick Search to quickly pull up an asset or work order without having to go into Assets or Work History and search from their respective pages. You can also choose a Picklist from the dropdown and go to it from the Quick Search.
  4. You can use Quick Reports to populate reports from an Order # or a Cust PO # and choose which report you would like to run from the dropdown menu without having to go into Completed Work and filter for the Order # or Cust PO #.
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