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IC Online - Admin/Maintenance -> Form Fields (Tasks)

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IC Online - Form Fields (Tasks) in Admin/Maintenance
This article will outline the Form Fields (Tasks) page under Admin/Maintenance and how to edit, delete and view individual Tasks. NOTE: This is only available to Admin Users.

      1. From the Dashboard, click "Form Fields (Tasks)" under the "Admin/Maintenance" tab.

      2. On the "Form Fields (Tasks)" page, you will see a list of all the Tasks that are currently being used on the Operation Forms within the system. On this page you are able to perform the following functions:
          i. You can Select a Task by clicking the hand icon. Once you have a Task selected, you can add or delete Phrases for the selected Task. These Phrases are prefilled comments used on the IC Desktop Software. By selecting a Task, you can also view the forms it is associated with.

          ii. You can Edit the Task Description by clicking the Pencil Icon. Once you are finished editing the Description, click the floppy disk icon to Save the changes.

          iii. You can also delete a Task that you may not need from the default tasks. You can also delete a task if certification or inspection regulations have changed and you need a new task to the system.

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