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IC Desktop - Install Instructions

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IC Desktop - Install Instructions
  1. Log into IC Online and navigate to Help -> Downloads to obtain the latest version of IC Desktop.
  2. Extract the files from the ZIP download to your desktop.
  3. Launch the setup.exe, this will install all prerequisites and the IC Desktop software (Just follow through all the prompts).
  4. Once installed, launch IC Desktop from the new icon on your desktop.
  5. Go to Tools -> Options, here you will enter your ClientID and Product Key. Your ClientID and Product Key will have been provided to you by InfoChip, if not, contact
  6. Click OK to close the options screen.
  7. Click the 'Sync with InfoChip Server' button to synchronize your desktop.
  8. Click Login at the top of the application.
  9. Choose your Admin Login from the drop down and enter your Admin Password as the password. Click OK to confirm the login.
  10. Click the 'Sync with InfoChip Server' button again to synchronize your desktop and complete the installation.

If you have any additional questions, please contact InfoChip Support



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