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IC Desktop - Inspecting an Asset

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IC Desktop - Inspecting an Asset
This article will detail the steps to identify an asset and perform an operation in IC Desktop.

      1. Once you have logged in to the desktop software and synced, click the assets icon.

Main Screen

      2. From the asset screen, there are multiple ways to search for your asset:
  • Scan in a RFID Chip
  • Manually key-in a ChipID
  • Manually Key-In the Asset Number or Serial Number

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  • You can also filter for selected assets by clicking the "Filter These Results..." button.
      3. Once you have found the asset you want to inspect, click the Asset button in the bottom left hand corner and select "Perform Operation".

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      4. A popup will appear on the screen for you to select the Operation you wish to perform.

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On the Perform Operation page, you can input the information pertaining to the following:

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  1. Order # for the Inspection. This is a sortable field on IC Online to group inspections together to a common order number.
  2. Customer PO #. Just like Order Number, you can group inspections together by using the same Cust PO #.
  3. Inspection Instruction sets the status of the asset to something other than "Active". If the Item needs to be Repaired, mark the inspection instruction to "REPAIR" which marks the asset as "Out of Service". If the item is non functional and unusable, Mark the Inspection Instruction as "SCRAP" which marks the asset as "Scrapped". If nothing further needs to be done with the asset, ensure it is set to "N/A".
  4. Certification Result or Inspection Result is whether or not the entire inspection passed or failed. This will determine the Inspection or Certification status of the Asset
  5. If something needs to be looked at with this asset or it is something specific, you can generate an alert on the asset that will show up on the IC Online dashboard.
  6. Add comments to the Operation.
       6. If you are pull testing or pressure testing the asset, you can launch the Test Bench software by clicking the "Launch Lifting Test Bench" button.

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          After launching Test Bench, enter your Working Load Limit (WLL) and Test Method and then Click "Start New Test". Once your test is complete, Click "STOP" and then "Save and Close". This will save the graph and the raw data from the test and add it to your Cert.

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     8. Once you have input all the relevant information for your operation, click "Generate Cert" to save the PDF and show a preview in the cert preview box. After ensuring all information is correct. Click "Save and Upload" to upload the cert to IC Online. If you are not connected to the internet, please ensure you Sync once reconnected.

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     If you have any issues, please contact InfoChip Support via



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