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IC Desktop - Desktop Version Update Instructions

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IC Desktop Upgrade

Summary: This article covers the process for updating your version of the IC Desktop instructions. Please note that this process is very similar to the install instructions. You will need an administrator login to IC Online to download the software. Estimated completion time will vary depending on the size of your database. Smaller clients will be completed within 30min, and larger clients may take approximately 1hr. Most of this time will be taken by the database download.

  • Open your existing version of the InfoChip Assembly Desktop
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  • Click "Sync with InfoChip Server". Please note that you MUST sync with the server before attempting this upgrade. If you encounter errors during the sync, please contact with the details from the "Sync Errors" tab to get them resolved before you continue the upgrade process. Failing to sync and/or resolve any errors could result in data loss once the upgrade has been completed.
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  • Navigate to Tools->Options and copy down your ClientID and Product Key. These will be needed after the upgrade to confirm your registration
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  • If you are using the Lifting Test Bench, you will need to make sure to check Tools->Options->Lifting Test Bench and copy down your Test Bench settings. These may be lost during the upgrade and may need to be reset.
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  • Navigate to your windows uninstall tool. Depending on your operating system, this tool may be labelled slightly different:
    • Windows XP: Start->Control Panel->Add or Remove Programs
    • Windows Vista: Start->Control Panel->Programs->Programs and Features
    • Windows 7: Start->Control Panel->Programs->Programs and Features
    • Windows 8: Bring up the search menu and search for "uninstall a program"
  • Select InfoChip Assembly Desktop and click Uninstall.
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  • Log into IC Online and navigate to Help->Downloads to obtain the latest version of IC Desktop
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  • Extract the files from the .zip and open the resulting folder.
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  • Run the Setup.exe file and follow the directions to install the new version of the desktop.
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  • Once installed, launch IC Desktop from the new desktop icon.
  • Navigate back to Tools->Options and ensure that your clientID and Product Key are in place. If not, enter them (this information should have been recorded in Step 3).
  • If you are using the test bench portion of the software, navigate to Tools->Options->Lifting Test Bench and ensure that your settings are correct as per the settings you recorded in Step 4.
  • Click "Ok" to close the options screen.
  • Click "Sync with InfoChip Server" button to download a fresh copy of your database. Please note that this may take some time depending on your database size.
  • Click "Login" and log into the application.
  • Click "Sync with InfoChip Server" one final time to complete your registration.
If you have any additional questions, please contact InfoChip Support at for assistance.



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