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Hardware - TSL Setup to work with IC Online

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Switching TSL 1128 Protocol

  1. Go to TSL Website and download the TSL PC Firmware Downloader (requires FREE login)

  1. Install the program on your machine and plug the TSL device into your machine via USB

  2. The software should auto detect the device and you will see the proper COM port has arrived

  1. Click Download twice

C:\Users\Dylan Sewell\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\tsl2.png

  1. In the Action Menu Select Reset to SPP, or HID Mode as appropriate

    1. SPP- Serial Port Profile- This mode only works with applications that have been developed to accept the input from the device. The InfoChip App has been integrated with the TSL SPP Profile for multi scanning and power adjustments.

    2. HID mode- Human Interface Device (Keyboard)- This mode makes the device ‘look like’ a keyboard and will be an additional keyboard to your machine. It will type the scanned chip ID in the field with the cursor active.

  1. Once the operation is complete, you may unplug your device




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