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Hardware - Connecting the Motorola 9190 RFID Reader to WiFi

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Hardware - Connecting your Motorola 9190 RFID Reader to WiFi

Summary: This article will guide you through connecting your Motorola 9190 RFID handheld to your wireless network.

NOTE: Before proceeding with the steps below, please ensure your device is not in "Infrastructure-Only Mode". To check these settings, go to "Wireless Companion" and click on "Wireless Launch". Once in the Wireless Launch page, Click on "Options" and it will open a popup window with a dropdown menu. Scroll to "Regulatory" and there will be a checkbox beside "Enable 802.11d [Infrastructure Mode only]" (See Screenshot). You will need to uncheck this box to be able to connect to WiFi on the Device.

User-added image

  1. From the Start Menu, Select the "Wireless Companion" Folder.

Wireless Companion Folder

      2. Select the "Wireless Launch" icon.

Wireless Launch Icon

      3. Select "Find WLANS"


      4. Identify your wireless router from the list then press and hold on the name and select "Create Profile."

Choose Wireless NetworkCreate Profile

      5. Follow the steps to create your Wireless Profile for the desired network
  • *NOTE* You will need to know your Security Mode (WPA2, WPA - Personal, WPA - Enterprise, etc.), Authentication Type, and Encryption Type (AES, TKIP)
  • Check the box for WPA2 Mixed Mode if available
  • Select "Passphrase" for "Enter Preshared Key (PSK) Using:" option.
      6. After you have set up the profile and hit save, it will automatically take you to the "Manage Profiles" page. The router symbol with a blue key to the left is to identify the wireless network you are currently connected to.

Manage Profiles Screen

      7. When the icon in the top left hand corner of the device is two solid alternating arrows, you are connected to the internet.

Connected Wireless Symbol

If you have any issues, please contact InfoChip Support.



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